Hillary is Losing MSNBC – Morning Joe Rips Her on the Obama-Muslim Rumors

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The media is having a field day ripping into Donald Trump over him not defending Obama from charges that he’s a Muslim and he wasn’t born in the US. They’re also ignoring where both of those charges came from.

On MSNBC, Morning Joe reminds us …

That’s right, it was Clinton’s campaign in 2008 that dredged up both of those charges. Hillary was the original “birther.” Even Joe’s co-host Mika Brzezinski admits it, and she’ a huge Hillary KoolAid drinker.

If you hear people criticizing Donald Trump for not defending Obama, remind everyone that Trump actually answered the question posed by the guy who essentially just gave a speech about Obama and he was under no duty to defend the President. Those charges have been beaten to death. And remind them that it was Hillary who started the ball rollilng when she was losing in 2008.

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