Hillary is Losing Andrea Mitchell and MSNBC

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Hillary is in a world of hurt. She’s kicking off her campaign for the third time. Millennials and unions have no use for her. The Obama machine wants Biden to run and they hate Hillary more than the American people hate ObamaCare.

And now, she’s losing the publicity arm of the Democratic National Committee, MSNBC. Here’s Andrea Mitchell, who has been throwing softballs at the Clintons for almost 30 years.

The money quote from Andrea … “she did not have an answer for why she did the personal server in the first place. … There are a lot of reasons why, perhaps, she did this, but she’s never answered it, herself. So we don’t have an explanation as to why choose only a personal server, not having the official one as well.”

That is harsh criticism comming from Andrea Mitchell, especially with loud agreement from the rest of the MSNBC panel.

Hillary will not ever be President of the United States.

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