Hey Barack, About those “Muslim Refugees” You’re Welcoming into the US …

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President Obama is opening the doors to Muslim refugees fleeing the result of his foreign policy in the Middle East. We should be paying attention to what’s happening in Europe as they welcome the same refugees.

An explosive document released by top social welfare organizations in Germany reveals evidence that migrants at a refugee camp in Hessen are raping women and children, while also allegedly forcing women into prostitution.

The document was made public by LFR (Landesfrauenrat) Hessen, Der Paritätische Hessen, Pro Familia Hessen and the Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Hessischer Frauenbüros.

It asserts that women and children at a migrant camp in Hessen are being sexually molested by Muslim “refugees” on such a regular basis that they are afraid to go to the bathroom at night and have to remain fully clothed when they sleep.

Women who are not accompanied by men are considered easy prey, with some allegedly being forced into prostitution. The groups behind the letter are calling for women and children to be segregated from male migrants.


“This is an open letter from a few big organizations to the government of Hessen (one of the 16 regional parts of Germany),” wrote Benesch. “It is about an internment facility in Hessen where they initially put the refugees for further processing. It mentions a lack of security for women and children, leading to rape, molestation and (reported but not verified) forced prostitution.”

Muslims raping women and children. Who could have guessed.


But not to worry, the State Department is going to do background checks on all those who come to the US. Just like Homeland Security is doing background checks on illegal Mexicans seeking amnesty. Oh wait

In advance of his successful reelection, President Obama took executive action to defer, for two years, deportation for illegal immigrants who entered the country as children. The result was a flood of requests to the immigration service for the temporary amnesty. As a result of this demand, according to documents obtained by Judicial Watch, the Department of Homeland Security cut back on the legally-required criminal background checks of these immigrants. The revelation raises questions of how the agency could handle a blanket amnesty of all illegal immigrants.

This kind of thing could never happen here though. Not in the US, we welcome illegal aliens. And, the “most transparent administration in history” would welcome inspections of our detainment camps for illegal aliens .

Under heavy pressure from lawmakers, the administration reluctantly said it would allow press and congressional visits [to detainment camps], but no photographs or video permitted, not even cellphone cameras. Interviews with the illegal aliens, custodians or doctors treating the new arrivals are prohibited.

Or not.


Are women and children being raped in our detention camps by Mexican illegals? We’ll never know thanks to Obama’s transparency. Will women and children be raped by Muslim “refugees”? Probably, given the Muslims recognition of the age of consent at about nine. And only the rapists have to consent.

We can probably expect to wrap this one up as another Obama initiated humanitarian disaster.

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