What Happens When A Harley Davidson Dealership supports Islam?

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Recently, a Harley Davidson dealership in the Washington DC area announced it was sponsoring a Nation of Islam rally led by Louis Farrakhan on October 10th called “Justice Or Else.” The dealership’s website said it was promoting its location as a rallying point for black bikers attending the rally.


The dealership is located in Fort Washington, MD and owned by Joyce & Thomas Moorehead. Thomas Moorehead is the Chairman of the Board of the National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers.

Posted on the “Stop Hate Crimes” website:

The Harley Davidson dealership’s official website lists the dealership as a rally point for black motorcyclists attending the NOI rally. Louis Farrakhan has launched an effort to attract black bikers that he named “Ride For Justice.”

The GM of the dealership is a black man named Anderson Morgan. The Nation of Islam conducted a nationwide conference call for black bikers on July 30th. Morgan was one of the speakers during the conference call.

The national black motorcycle club Afro Dogs has called on all their members to try to participate. The DC Area Chapter of the Road Wolves is in charge in coordinating activities for bikers.

Reported on Clash Daily:

In the past few weeks, Louis Farrakhan has given speeches green-lighting violence against white people. In Miami, Florida, Farrakhan called on 10,000 black men to launch violent retaliation against the white man. In Milwaukee, WI, Farrakhan declared that “white people deserve to die.


The NOI teaches that all white people will be exterminated in the future. The say that North America will be the first continent where all white people will be killed off. The theology of the NOI holds that white people are biological devils created by an evil scientist six thousand years ago.

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Well, you might be surprised as to what happened after this was posted. Not only did other Harley Davidson bikers NOT like it, a group known as 2 Million Bikers announced they were moving to a different dealership in Fairfax, VA.

Shortly thereafter, Mr. Morehead pulled his support as well and stated in a letter to “Stop Hate Crimes”:

When we agreed to allow a group of bikers to use our dealership as a meet-up location prior to the Ride for Justice, as we allow numerous groups to do, it was in no way intended to imply Harley-Davidson of Washington DC sponsored or supports the cause that they represent.

Harley Davidson of Washington DC opposes all forms of racial, ethnic or religious prejudice, and we do not discriminate against individuals because of their political views, in theory and in practice, and will continue to do so. We have withdrawn our consent for the bikers to meet here. We are a small business, Harley-Davidson thru and thru. We are in business to sell and service Harleys and to provide a place for our employees to make a living to support their families.

Thomas A. Moorehead, owner Harley-Davidson of Washington DC

So isn’t that interesting.

One day Mr. Moorehead is sponsoring a Nation of Islam event, the next minute Louis Farrakan is crying out “White People deserve to die!” and before you know it BAM, Mr. Moorehead says he “changed his mind”. Maybe he just said he did and we will have to let the real hand unfold. Let’s hope that capitalism, our free markets and our Harley Davidson riders are awake. Money talks. Wasn’t Harley’s motto: American by Birth. Rebel by Choice?  Guess we’ll find out on October 10th, won’t we?


Written by Nancy Hayes

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