George Zimmerman Retweets Picture Of The Body Of Trayvon Martin

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You remember George Zimmerman, right? He was a neighborhood watch guy who was attacked by an 18-year-old thug and shot him in self-defense.

He was brought to trial in a politicized farce that was kicked off by Al Sharpton looking to make a few bucks, Barack Obama jumped on-board before any facts were known, his Department of Justice (?) sent every available lawyer and community organizer to Florida, and the then Republican Governor of Florida handed the “problem” off to a prosecutor known for railroading defendants.

The situation brought substantially more than 15 minutes of fame to Mr. Zimmerman, and I don’t think he’s dealt real well with that fame – not that any of us are particularly set up to deal with the kind of exposure that “fame” brings.

Zimmerman’s latest stumble is the result of what I’d call TwitterStupidity.

People don’t seem to understand that the internet is forever and social media accounts are more forever that just about anything because if you happen to be “famous” people will literally troll the life out of you. George is no exception.

Here’s what he apparently did recently.

A follower who appears to be an admirer sent out a tweet that said “Z-Man is a one man army” and included a picture of the dead body of Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman retweeted it.


Martin’s body has been pixilated for the sensitive. It was not pixilated on the original.

Let me be really clear. I didn’t have an issue with Zimmerman shooting Martin. After I learned what happened that night in Florida I thought it was a good shot. The local police thought it was a good shot and refused to arrest him. The local prosecutor thought it was a good shot and refused to indict him. We were all correct and the jury validated both the local police and prosecutor.

Retweeting that picture is proof positive that Mr. Zimmerman is: a) not the brightest bulb in the box; and b) has a big problem with his ego. He’s back to acting like a 15-year-old.

If you need more proof …


George, cool it! You’re being stupid!

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