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Freddie Gray’s Family Settles With Baltimore for $6.4M


Six point four million for Freddie Gray.

The value of a punk has just gone through the roof. Can’t wait to see what felon and wannabe cop killer Michael Brown’s family gets from the city of Ferguson. Trayvon Martin’s family reportedly got more than a million from George Zimmerman’s insurance company who didn’t want the publicity that would come with fighting the claim.

There’s a business here and I’m shocked Al Sharpton hasn’t jumped on it. Put up a teenage punk for adoption and when he gets killed by the cops committing a felony the adoptive family cashes in and Al gets a piece.

Personally, I think Baltimore’s incompetent elected officials are desperate to get a conviction and they’re using this settlement as front-page proof of their guilt. Why do I think that? Well here’s Baltimore’s mayor .

“The proposed settlement agreement going before the board of estimates should not be interpreted as a judgment on the guilt or innocence of the officers facing trial,” Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said in a news release.

Yeah Stephanie, like anybody is going to beleive that. The police department is under a gag order from the Mayor.


Now if the “community” could just find a way to sue the city for the 228 homicides so far this year that were not “cop related” there would be no more poverty in Baltimore.

Oh, and I can’t wait to see the hands that are going to be outstretched wanting their piece of this settlement. #BlackLivesMatter will be at the front of the line. They should be due at least a million.

I’ve got an over/under at five years from the day the check is cashed as to when the “family” files bankruptcy.


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