Fox News Shep Smith Calls Christians “Haters”

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“Fair and Balanced”? Not any more, at least not with respect to Christianity. Shepard Smith led a broadcast about Kim Davis and her refusal to issue marriage licenses to homosexuals with this … “Haters are going to hate.”

Let me say right here that there is plenty of room for a rational argument about Davis’ refusal to issue marriage licenses, but Smith’s report isn’t rational nor is it an argument on the issue. It’s a Christianophobic rant from a guy who, it appears, hates all things Christian.

Here’s the segment.

“Sharia Law.” Black and white people can’t marry. Etc. Etc. Etc. And not once did Smith address the real issue: Should Kim Davis be allowed an accommodation because of her religious beliefs concerning homosexuality?

I happen to think that Davis doesn’t have a “right” to refuse to issue marriage licenses to anyone who meets the legal standard for marriage, and thanks to Justice Kennedy, homosexuals now meet the standard. I don’t like it, but it is the law.


Kim Davis is an elected official and one of her duties is the issuance of marriage licenses. If she doesn’t like the Supreme Court Decision she can, and should, resign from office.

I find this no different that Barack Obama (or GWB) refusing to enforce immigration laws because they don’t think they’re fair. Or for whatever reason. If you think Davis has the “right” to refuse to follow the law then you’ve got no grounds to attack Obama on his refusal to follow the law. Believe me, if necessary he can come up with a reason for a “religious exemption.”

You’re also excusing every Muslim who refuses to serve pork or serve alcohol because it is against Sharia Law.

Back to Shep Smith.


It seems he has every reason to call Christians “haters .”

A recent edition of Out said about Smith that his “sexual orientation and centrist ideology are some of Fox News’ worst kept secrets.” The magazine went on, “Despite 2014 reports that his desire to come out led to his demotion, Smith continues to provide nuanced, grounded, and logical reporting as managing editor of Fox’s Breaking News Division, and host of Shepard Smith Reporting.”

But with his bashing of Kim Davis for her Christian actions and views, the idea that Smith provides “grounded” reporting will be increasingly difficult to believe. The venom which came from him is something Fox viewers would expect from MSNBC.

While it cannot be confirmed that Shep Smith was demoted “for his desire to come out” publicly as a homosexual, he might as well come out, since he has really left no doubt in the minds of viewers how he feels on this very personal matter. He has confirmed with his wild and opinionated statements that he is not an objective news anchor who can be counted on to fairly report the news.

Smith has turned his rant against Christians in general to a personal war on Kim Davis.

On his show last week Shep Smith had mocked Davis for having been married several times and having kids out of wedlock, not mentioning her religious conversion to Christianity four years ago that turned her life around, and led her to take a stand against signing the gay marriage licenses.

Smith said, “Ms. Davis apparently believes in the sanctity of marriage to the degree that she’s been married a total of four times. In fact, she got pregnant with her third husband’s children while married to her first husband. But fear not: her second husband adopted them.”

What he neglected to mention is that all of that happened before Davis became a Christian.

I don’t care one way or the other if Smith is a homosexual. He can take that up with God one day. What I do care about is Fox News allowing Smith to turn his segments of the news day into an MSNBC rerun.

Shame on you Mr. Shepard Smith. You’re not a “journalist” you’re a member of the Gay Mafia with a byline.

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