More Fascism From the Left – This Time Police Chief is in Crosshairs

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The Police Chief of Surf City, North Carolina just got fired. He got fired for speaking his mind through a post on social media.


The Mayor and Town Council of Surf City decided they didn’t like his post and fired him.

He actually was forced to retire, but the net result is: he got fired. Many members of the Surf City community are not happy about it, but don’t expect that decision to change.

Wednesday morning, supporters stood outside the police department with signs and yelled for honks to stand behind Halstead. A man wearing a “Black Lives Matter” shirt also showed up, but said he supported both causes.

“I was appalled to be honest with you,” business owner Dorothy Royal said. “This whole thing has happened so quick that nobody, none of the citizens had time to grasp what was going on.”

Royal said she does not think Halstead did anything wrong.

“I think he was venting frustrations and that’s the problem we have today,” Royal said. ” Nobody is hearing the law enforcement side.”

And Dorothy, don’t expect anybody to be hearing the law enforcement side any time soon.

While I happen to agree with Chief Halstead, I absolutely think that #BlackLivesMatter is a domestic terrorist group, I would say he should have thought more than twice about that post.

The social justice warrior community is looking for ANY reason to attack law enforcement in the media. The media – and the politicians – are looking for any reason to push a media account of “insensitive” cops, especially insensitive white cops.

He should have kept his fingers off the keyboard or maybe invited the Sheriff of Milwaukee County to come down for a visit.

Sheriff Clarke has an advantage that Halstead doesn’t enjoy.

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