Family Fights the Government Over Area 51!!

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This is a fight that could be decided at the US Supreme Court. Or maybe the Star Chamber.


A family in Nevada owns a mine that sort of overlooks Area 51. They’ve owned it for 130 years and now the Air Force is doing everything in the Obama administration’s power to take their land away from them.

“From our great-great-grandfather, to our grandfathers, to our fathers, they were raised there,” said Joe Sheahan, Groom Mine co-owner. “This was their home.”

The Groom Mine has been in the Sheahan family for 130 years. Since military testing started in the mid 50’s, the family has had one of the nation’s most closely guarded secrets literally in their backyard.

They have never spoken about it publicly — until now.

“First, we really didn’t want to come public, but the Air Force has forced us into it. We want ’em to know what they have done over the last 60 years to our family is not acceptable,” said Dan Sheahan, Groom Mine co-owner. “These were fired over our property. The bullets, the cases dropped on the ground right there and then.”

The Sheahans say their buildings have been strafed and bombed by military jets over the past six decades. They believe it was an errant bomb or dropped wing tank that blew up their mill in the 1950’s — ending production at the mine.

Your government at work.

The family sued the Air Force in the 50’s looking to replace the mill. They lost. The question now, will they lose again? Can you take on the government and win?


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