Duck Dynasty Star Has a Few Things to Say About Donald Trump You Won’t Expect: [VIDEO]

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There’s a show called; “Outnumbered,”on Fox News Channel during the mid-day and recently,  Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson was the “One Lucky Guy” who sits in the middle – talking about pop culture, entertainment and politics.

Keep in mind that Willie has endorsed Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal for president, but when the panel began discussing Donald Trump, Willie had some interesting thoughts on “The Donald” effect.

When asked if he was a fan of Trump, Robertson said quickly, “I love Trump. How can you not love Trump?” Scroll down for video.

Hat tip Fox News:

Robertson admitted that Trump has had a few misstatements, but thinks that actually helps because he “makes more sense than just a glossed-over politician.”

He was then asked if he would consider voting for Trump, to which he replied, “As opposed to Hillary, well, yeah.”

“He’s a business guy… I’m a business guy. I mean, I’m with Bobby Jindal. I like Bobby. He’s the governor of my state, but to me, Trump makes a lot of sense,” Robertson explained.

The panel went on to discuss how Trump’s business sense is resonating with small business owners across the country, who are sick of politicians spewing tired, poll-tested talking points, and want somebody in charge who knows what it is like to successfully run a business in the current political climate.

And as far as Jindahl goes, Robertson acknowledged he was squarely in the Governor’s corner:

“Great guy, Christian man, just a smart guy. And always there,” Robertson said. “I think we saw that through everything the state has been through, you know, Bobby shows up, he’s there and he wants to be with the people and hug their necks and hold their hands, and it didn’t surprise me at all to see that he was down in Lafayette.”

See THE VIDEO here: It might make you think twice about your support or non-support of Trump, but he comes off pretty well and has the usual confidence about winning the hispanic vote. I happen to agree completely with him when it comes to the Latino vote.

“Donald Trump sounds like a real person.”

I think that is the takeaway from this interview and what is pushing his candidacy forward. He’s Harry Truman – except with a couple billion dollars.


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