Donald Trump Wins 25% of BLACK Voters! BLACK Voters!!

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A new poll from SurveyUSA is labeled as “shocking.” Guess why? It has Donald Trump beating everybody. As in EVERYBODY!!

It’s early in the process, we’re 10 months or so away from having candidates and about 14 months away from the 2016 election. But this poll does show some amazing results, and keep in mind that the margin of error is 2%.

The real shocker is The Donald is pulling 25% of the black vote. That one number will send Democrats running for drugs and alcohol.

Blacks make up 22% of all Democrat votes. If they lose 25% of the black vote the Democratic Party will be found next to the Whigs in the history books.

Maybe The Sisters are onto something.

In addition to that shocker, The Donald is up by five points on Hillary, four points on Bernie, two points on Biden, and three points on Gore. Remember that the last two aren’t even candidates, yet.

This poll was conducted last week. The next Republican debate is coming up next week, I can’t wait to see the numbers then.

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