Does Blood Moon Mean the End of Times? Yes. Apocalyptic and Cataclysmic

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It’s not just Biblical scholars, whacked out Slab City residents, that dude with the sign downtown or your zealous Aunt Maxie who think this blood moon means we’re in the end of times.

I’ve always thought that the end of times would occur in my lifetime. Nothing else makes sense.

No way I’m going to die before it happens. We will witness the full-on apocalyptic and cataclysim that is the end of days and this blood moon to many is the impetus.

blood moon 2

Supermoon lunar eclipse, witnessed from Park City, Utah

The moon glows a red hue during a rare total lunar eclipse, otherwise known as a Blood Red Moon… Fun, but…

Observers might not enjoy themselves quite so much, however, if certain prophecies turn out to be true and the phenomenon means the beginning of the apocalypse. Which it does, so stop having such a good time. You know who I’m talking to:

From The Guardian:

Sunday was the fourth appearance of a blood moon over the last two years, in what is known as a tetrad series. The last time was in 1982; the next will be in 2033. Hope I can pay off my mortgage before that… Don’t want to look bad in front of the Messiah. If some religious leaders are to be believed, none of us will live to enjoy that next blood moon.


Irvin Baxter runs Endtime Ministries in Plano, Texas. He says three wise men were led to the birthplace of the baby Jesus by star – a sign in the sky.

He adds: “There are several prophecies foretelling that the moon will be turned to blood in the endtime.”

God has often used “the heavens” for sending signs to mankind, Baxter says. He quotes Genesis, in which God says there should be lights in heaven and says of those lights: “Let them be for signs.”

The current tetrad, Baxter predicts, will precede the signing of a peace agreement between Israel and Palestine. This, in turn, will “mark the beginning of the Final Seven Years to Armageddon and the Second Coming of Jesus to the earth”.

Others believe the blood moons do signal the end of the world, but that we have a while left before the four horsemen arrive. Like this guy:

Mark Biltz, of El Shaddai Ministries, is in that second camp. He has been cited online as believing the end of the world is nigh, but refutes that and believes we have some time yet.

“I believe and have always taught these signs in the heavens do not mark the end of the world,” Biltz said recently.

“My interpretation is that we have at least another 1,000 years. But I do believe these signs portend major changes, including a possible major war involving Israel and an economic collapse.”

Hagee has risen to prominence by making similar claims, however, and published the book Four Blood Moons in 2014. It went on to be something of a bestseller in the US, spending 152 days among Amazon’s 100 top-selling books.

But Biltz says he was the first to predict the consequences of the blood moons. Joseph Farah, the publisher of Biltz’s own book on the subject – Blood Moons: Decoding the Imminent Heavenly Signs – said in March this year that Biltz had “overlooked a grave slight by Hagee in the way he handled his book – not crediting Biltz as the man who discovered the blood moons phenomenon”.

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Either way, you better get right with God. Now.

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