Is Common Core Just a Front For Nazi-Pedophilia? Sounds Crazy, I know:

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Alfred C. Kinsey is considered by many and glorified in TV and film as “the father of the sexual revolution.”

In fact he was an abuser of little boys, assaulting them regularly in a sound-proof booth as part of his ‘research.’

This is sick stuff, so if you’re faint of heart – move on now – it gets worse:

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Must Watch: Common Core roots in Nazi Pedophilia

A remarkable documentary, The Kinsey Syndrome, presented by Jude 3 Production by American History Films, uncovers the roots of a Nazi collaborator, pedophile, and psychiatrist who first introduced “sex education” into American public schools. The soft porn being taught today through Common Core to 10 year-old children exemplifies only one of Kinsey’s goals of indoctrinating and perverting young, innocent minors.

Eugenicist Alfred C. Kinsey is considered by some as “the father of the sexual revolution.” In 1948, Kinsey led the Institute for Sex Research at Indiana University. In a soundproof laboratory built with detailed specifications at Indiana University, Kinsey sexually abused at least 317 infants and young boys as part of “scientific protocol,” which formed the basis of his “research.”

Dr. Judith Reisman exposed his crimes in her 1981 book, Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences, in which she details the crimes of child sex abuse and fraud committed by Kinsey and others. She evidences how his fraudulent and criminal activities provided the alleged “scientific data” on human sexuality that is used in public school “sex education.” As a result, numerous law suits and legal actions were filed against the Kinsey Institute.

One victim who was “experimented on” by Kinsey says:

“Children are so innocent they don’t know about adults molesting them. Their world to them is safe, until somebody shows them differently. Then someone comes along and steals their innocence.”

One of Kinsey’s collaborators was Nazi officer Dr. Fritz von Balluseck. According to German court reports, which were printed on the front pages of German newspapers, Balluseck told presiding Judge Berger

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