Common Core Book: Whites Are Racist, For Not Voting For Obama

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For those of you who still think there is nothing wrong with Common Core THIS should change your mind!


In a post by the Washington Weekly News,

A children’s book that is part of the Common Core curriculum portrays white voters as racists who would never vote for Obama for president. The book called, “Barack Obama,” says: “Some people said Americans weren’t ready for that much change. Sure Barack was a nice fellow, they said. But white voters would never vote for a black president,” the book reads. This is in spite of the fact that millions of whites voted for the sitting president.

Common Core’s implementation has gotten off to a rocky start. States like Indiana have opted out of the unified educational standards, with Governor Mike Pence signing legislation that removed the state from required participation. Still, the law doesn’t fully prohibit some parts of Common Core from being implemented.

So in other words, at the moment, we are stuck with some elements of Common Core, whether we like it or not. Hey, I’m all for high standards, high stakes tests and raising the bar, but I believe in local control for local schools.  Schools should not be run by a government filled with bureaucrats sitting in Washington, D.C., forcing books on districts and students containing this kind of BS. 

Americans voted for Obama because they thought he would implement “Real Hope and Change.” In 2008, 43% whites voted for Obama and in 2012, that number dropped to 39%. In 2008, 131 million voters cast their vote in 2008, but in 2012 it was a 72 year low voter turnout rate and there were 10 million fewer votes cast.

Guess what? It wasn’t because of racism. It was because of Obama’s ideology and policies of Socialism – you know that “hopey, changey stuff”. Oh, don’t get me wrong, Obama did bring Change – change many Americans just didn’t want to buy into. You see, many Americans woke up to the destructive policies you were implementing. Funny thing about Americans, we like our freedom regardless of race.

People who woke up  like the 71% of those who voted for Obama who now REGRET it.

Let’s make no qualms about what Common Core is about. It is about Muslim Brotherhood, National and International Control, and indocrination. 

What is Common Core NOT about? It is NOT about local control, the study of our Constitution, our Founding Fathers or Judeo-Christian values – you know the principles our nation was founded upon.

We’ll be lucky if Common Core even MENTIONS any of these things! 

In the end, who is REALLY going to suffer from Common Core?

In an article posted on WND:

“Minority children are going to be hurt first and foremost by Common Core because they are stuck in the public schools, which are government schools,” Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson told WND.

“And even as adults, it will keep them in a state of helplessness and hopelessness because Common Core is going to dumb them down. [It] is going to make them feel that America is totally against them and that white people are holding them back. And they’re going to feel unprepared as adults to deal with life because they’re not going to be properly educated, that’s for sure.”

Peterson, a WND columnist and founder and president of The Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny, was referring to the fact that racial minorities are more likely than whites to be poor, thus many of them can’t pay their way into private schools that don’t use Common Core. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 27 percent of blacks and 24 percent of Hispanics lived in poverty in 2013, versus only 10 percent of whites.

In addition, Alveda King, a civil rights activist and niece of Martin Luther King Jr., shares Peterson’s worry. On May 22, King penned an open letter to the Alabama Legislature calling on the body to abandon what she called the “one size fits all Common Core curriculum.”

In the letter, King quoted a statement from the Chicago Teachers Union that read in part: “We also know that high-stakes standardized testing is designed to rank and sort our children and it contributes significantly to racial discrimination and the achievement gap among students in America’s schools.”

King then followed up: “This sorting of students in Alabama based on the color of their skin or their parents’ income and the setting of lower achievement goals for African Americans than Caucasians has been widely reported. If teachers are told to expect less from minorities, they are likely to get less.”

International journalist and educator Alex Newman, a white man but also a staunch Common Core opponent, said he agrees with King and the Chicago Teachers Union that Common Core is inherently racist.

Newman, coauthor of “Crimes of the Educators,” told WND he has “no doubt that Common Core will contribute to racial discrimination.”

“As we show in our book, many of the architects of today’s progressive government education system were in fact proud eugenicists who ludicrously believed blacks and others to be ‘inferior,’” he said.

“This is merely a continuation of that sordid pseudo-scientific legacy of racial oppression imposed by the progressive engineers of the government education system and their allies such as Margaret Sanger of Planned Parenthood.”

Newman concurred but went further.

“Not only does Common Core treat every child like a statistic, it treats them all as animals to be conditioned and indoctrinated with experimental quackery and propaganda, rather than properly educated to be critical thinkers,” he said. “This is unacceptable and totally unsuitable for a free people.”

To Alex Newman – I say “YES SIR!” Common Core is unacceptable and TOTALLY unsuitable for America and our children….the future of a great tomorrow!

Written by Nancy Hayes

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