This was a very classy move. Must have been Vin Scully’s idea…

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On Sunday night, Jake Arrieta, a pitcher for the Chicago Cubs, tossed a no-hitter against the LA Dodgers and did it in Los Angeles. The final score resulted in a 2-0 loss.  Despite the loss, the organization toughed it out and came back with a show of class.


Jake Arrieta was celebrated as a hero by his teammates on the Dodgers’ mound, and then came the unexpected.



That’s a bucket full of dirt from the mound and the pitching rubber, all 60 pounds of it. What was Jake Arrieta’s reaction?

Really nice gesture. They sent a bucket of dirt from the mound, and they dug up the pitching rubber, which weighed 60 pounds. That’s something I’ll cherish as much or more than anything I’ve been given throughout the process. – Jake Arrieta

The Dodgers included a box of baseballs certified as game balls that Arrieta said he’ll give to friends and family.


We want to add our congratulations to Jake for his no-hitter and a special thanks to the Dodgers organization for a very classy gesture.

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