Blame the Victim? It’s OK if New York City Does It!!

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Blaming the Victim! is the rally cry of feminists and the far Left. It is generally applied to rape, and the Left likes to use it to rally the troops when a woman, generally a feminist college coed, comes forward and claims she was “raped” a year after the fact.

It’s not limited to “rape” though. It’s wielded as a club by the Left any time a suitable “victim” can be found.


“Perception.” Lovely word that drives Leftist philosophy, especially when it comes back to bite them .

The family of a college student murdered at her East Harlem housing project doesn’t deserve a dime from the city — because she should have known the “risks” of being on the dangerous grounds, city lawyers claim in court papers.

A young black woman was murdered in a New York City housing project. That really is a tragedy. Now the most Progressive city government in the US, led by Red Bill deBlasio, is blaming the victim. “She should have know the ‘risks’ of being on the dangerous grounds…” of a New York City housing project.

“I can’t believe they’re saying she’s responsible for her murder,” Olivia Brown’s mother, Crystal, told The Post Friday.

“Everybody has a right to be safe in their home. Why wasn’t my daughter safe? Because we’re poor and live in public housing?”

We can’t wait for the victim enablers groups to chime in.

If this happened in a crime-ridden privately owned apartment complex I have no doubt that Red Bill would have the city’s attorneys filing amicus briefs on behalf of the murdered girl. How dare a capitalist property owner maintain an unsafe living area for the poor.

Crystal Brown also ripped Mayor de Blasio, who, with other mayoral candidates, spent a night at the Lincoln Houses three days before the July 2013 shooting as part of a campaign stunt.

Brown, 51, said cops have since beefed up security, adding two police towers and installing security cameras in their building.

The City, obviously, holds itself to a different standard. The city can’t or won’t provide police protection to residents of low income housing. They also won’t allow poor people to own a gun to protect themselves. And, they won’t keep career criminals in jail.

[The woman who shot Brown’s daughter was] charged with second-degree murder, she has 10 prior arrests, including one in 2008 for trespassing at 2130 Madison Ave., another building in the same development. She’s due back in court in November.

Can’t wait until the city files an addendum to their previous filing noting that the gun is also at fault. And we also can’t wait for the far Left to attack their hero Red Bill over it.

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