Black Thugs Beat Up White Kid: Of Course There’s NO MSM Coverage

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A group of black thugs – the media refers to them as “a group of teenagers” – beat a 13-year-old white youth and put him in the hospital. The 13-year-old didn’t fight back because he was afraid he’d be thrown off the football team if he did.

Actually, had he fought back and won the fight he’d probably have been arrested for a “hate crime.” That fate is something the “group of teenagers” who beat the boy don’t have to worry about, they can’t commit a hate crime.

“We’re gonna do something,” said the police officer. “All of them will likely be charged with assault,” said the TV reporter. My favorite comment was, “Where are their parents?”

In reverse order, they don’t have “parents” they come from breeding stock. As far as the “assault” goes, they’ll be charged as juveniles and released. The woman who was threatened with having her house shot up should be worried. And as far as the police are concerned, they’re not going to do anything that will make one bit of a difference because the DA won’t charge these thugs with a hate crime; the only thing the DoJ will do is investigate what motivated the “group of teenagers” to respond to the 13-year-old victim the way they did.

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