Black Teen Punches School Bus Driver for “Racism”

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Or something. This happened in Iowa, the story is all too familiar and the “racism” card is every card in this kid’s deck.

The 15-year-old black student, who has not been named, was captured on surveillance video failing to present an ID after following other teenagers on to the Citibus in Davenport, Iowa, last Tuesday.

He was forced to pay the fare for his trip by the driver and then sat down. Shortly after, another boy, who is white, was turned away from the bus by the woman for showing an ID without a sticker.

But seconds later, the driver decided to re-open the doors and allow the teenager, who had started walking home, to ride for free, telling him: ‘You better have a sticker tomorrow or you’ll have to pay.’

This prompted the first boy, who had paid the fare, to accuse the woman of racism, it is alleged.

‘How is that racist? You have no ID whatsoever,’ the driver responded …

And then BOOM!

The driver, who has also not been named, was taken to hospital with facial injuries after the incident, which occurred after school on Tuesday afternoon, the City of Davenport said in a statement.

She was released later that day and returned to work last Thursday.

Now, the teenage boy has been arrested and charged as a juvenile with assault causing bodily injury.

He has also been banned from riding Citibus.

Think we can expect Al Sharpton and the #BlackLivesMatter terrorists to go after the Davenport Citibus company?

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