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Black Lives Matter Protesters Misspell Freddie Gray’s Name on Protest Signs


There is no end to the stupidity of the people who keep screaming “black lives matter.”

First of all, they insist on picking their icons from the gutter.  Michael Brown – a thug who robbed a convenience store and tried to murder a police officer and who was killed while assaulting a police officer.  Trayvon Martin – a thug who was shot by a legally armed citizen who had done significant volunteer work in the black community.  Trayvon was trying to kill him when he was fatally shot in self-defense.  Freddie Gray – a repeat felon who died under currently unknown circumstances after being arrested in Baltimore.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg with these idiots.  And they don’t give a damn about “black lives” or the “black community.”  They don’t even know who they’re memorializing.  Case in point, the recent demonstrations in Baltimore.


“Justice for Freddie Carlos Grey”

Umm, fellas, that would be Freddie GRAY.  “AY” not “ey.”

The so-called Peoples Power Assembly is a far left – read “Marxist” group that is working hard to alienate most of the US population.  I’m pretty sure the “Black Lives Matter” organizations are a plant funded by the evil Koch Brothers because the more Americans see of them the less they care about “black lives.”  I’m thinking about making a donation to the nearest BLM group.  After all, when the enemy is in the process of destroying themselves we should support them.



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