Blabblermouth Debbie Wasserman Schultz Throws Israel Under The Bus!

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President Obama’s Iran nuclear deal on Sunday got some largely unexpected support from Florida Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The deal, which is expected to receive vote this week in the Republican-led Congress, has essentially no other GOP support.

Still, Obama late last week secured enough support from Senate Democrats to ultimately complete the deal, despite the Republican opposition.

Leave it to the Democrats and the “REAL DEAL” to destroy our great country!

Wasserman Schultz, chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, joins about half of the roughly two-dozen congressional Jewish lawmakers in supporting the deal, which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu strongly opposes.

Prime Minister Netanyahu stated earlier:

“This is a very dangerous deal, and it threatens all of us. …The more people know about the deal, the more the deal’s supporters try to stifle serious debate. They do so with false claims and efforts to delegitimize criticism.”

Consistent with Prime Minister Netanyahu, Presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz stated:

“I believe we are hearing echoes of history. I believe we are at a moment like Munich in 1938. And indeed, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address to Congress last week was Churchillian in its clarity and moral gravity.”

The international deal would lift billions of dollars in crippling economic sanctions on Iran in exchange for the rogue nation curtailing its nuclear development program.

Wasserman Schultz made her announcement in The Miami Herald, saying the decision to endorse the agreement was the most difficult one she has made in nearly 23 years in elected office.

She expressed concerns about the agreement, but argued it “provides the best chance to ensure” security for the U.S., Israel and other allies.

“In weighing everything, all the information, I’ve concluded the best thing to do is vote in support of the Iran deal and put Iran years away from being a nuclear state,” she said.

“Under the agreement Iran will not be able to produce a nuclear bomb for at least 10-15 years,” she said, while the U.S. and its allies “will be able to more closely concentrate on stopping Iran’s terrorist activity.”

Stop me now, I think I am going to THROW UP! This is INSANE!! This is coming from a Democrat who has a 100% rating from “The Pubic Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans“. What does THAT tell you?  No Debbie! The “best thing” to do is vote NO! 

To tell Americans this is a “gut wrenching, thought provoking process,” you would have to have at least common sense, integrity and brains.  Do you really think people will actually buy this BS? It’s no surprise that you voted for the Iranian Deal based on the 100% vote from PAAIA. If it was SO “gut wrenching, why didn’t you first check with the Jewish vote in Israel or how about even Prime Minister Netanyahu? Because based on recent statements, I’m pretty sure they would disagree with you. 

Schultz went on to say

“She… has personally verified with the Obama administration that Iran will have to allow inspectors in to verify that it is scaling back its nuclear capacity and cannot self-inspect.”

Gee! I am SO HAPPY you verified that with Obama FIRST! Kind of like verifying Obamacare – when he said “you can keep your doctor”? You do realize that Iran has 24 days before ANY inspectors are allowed in, right?!  That’s right, blabbermouth! That’s enough time for ANYONE to cover up anything! AND not only that, they ARE the one’s doing their OWN inspecting!?

By the way, THIS was the ONLY thing she said that was right: 

“I worry that the additional resources, no matter how little … Iran could divert to terrorist activity that could cause harm to Jews and others around the world..”

NO DUH Dimwit! I give you credit for THAT! You got that right, especially since that is one of Iran’s many goals! You do remember them shouting “Death to America” right?

Finally, Schultz stated:

“I am confident that the process I have gone through to reach this decision is one that will ensure that Israel will be there forever,” she said.

Really Debbie? You are CONFIDENT?! Well Blabbermouth Schultz, I pray that you are right for the sake of the Israel and it’s people, and for the sake of the United States of America. God Bless America!

I will end on this quote from Albert Einstein:

“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”

Written by Nancy Hayes

Follow on Twitter: @bodybynance

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