Bikini Model Born Without Legs Now Makes $1000 Per day! [VIDEO]

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Here’s some inspiration for all the whiners out there with their hands out, sponging off the government or their parents or me!

This woman was born without legs, but now she makes over a grand a day – as a model! How’s that for not letting anything stop you? Stunning Kanya Sesser, 23, defies traditional beauty standards by working as a model and hopes to prove that ‘different’ is sexy.

Don’t believe it? I’ll let the pics speak for themselves:

legless model1

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From a young age the California girl was determined to overcome her disability and started modelling for sports brands at just 15-years-old.

“I enjoy making money from it and I love showing people what beauty can look like. These images show my strength.

“Modeling wasn’t something I’d always dreamed of doing – it just happened for me and I got used to it.

“I like expressing myself in a different way than people usually see.

Kanya Sesser with her trusty skateboard

“I’m very honest, I’m real – I’m never going to behave different to anyone. This is just who I am.

“I’d love to keep modelling while in training for the Paralympics.”

Kanya Sesser

Kanya was adopted from an orphanage in Thailand when she was five-years-old and brought to Portland, Oregon, by her new family.

Instead of a wheelchair, she uses a skateboard to get around and learned to walk on her hands.

Kanya loves extreme sports and hopes to compete in mono-ski in the Winter Paralympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, in 2018.

One of her biggest fans is new boyfriend Brian, who she has been dating for the past month.

 Kanya Sesser, 2008 Loucks girls 100 award

She added: “Brian is awesome – he is very supportive of everything I do.

“He recently saw me modelling for first time and told me he thought it was beautiful and unique.”

Despite her work as a model, courageous Kanya admits she prefers her natural looks.

She is also working on a book about her incredible journey through life, set to be published in 2016.

She added: “Outside of work I don’t wear make-up.

“I can be girly and I don’t mind wearing it – I like getting my make-up done when I am on a shoot.

“But people say I’m beautiful whether I’m wearing makeup or not.”

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legless 10

Originally adopted from Thailand at age 5, Sesser now lives in Los Angeles and makes a reported $1,000 a day modeling.

She is also training to compete in the 2018 Winter Paralympics.

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