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‘Big Bang Theory’ Actress Targeted For Religious Beliefs, See How She Fought Back:


God forbid a Hollywood actress have Faith! Hardly fits in on the left coast, much less in the entertainment biz.

But we’re particularly happy Mayim Bialik, who now appears on the the “Big Bang Theory” handeled some recent religious bigots:

Pretty cool..


When attacked on her Facebook page for daring to back Israel, she put it this way:

Bialik addressed her beliefs on her own website Grok Nation. The Neuroscience Ph.D. dove headlong into an open response to cliched criticisms of religion:

Do people kill in the name of religion? Yes. Is religion patriarchal? Absolutely. Do religious people sometimes lie, cheat, and steal by hiding behind their religiosity? Yup. People mess up religion all the time.

But that doesn’t change the rainbow; the beauty of DNA replication; the presence of taste receptors on the feet of houseflies; the rush of oxytocin we get during orgasm that makes us bond to mates so that we can raise babies together…

God’s got it figured out. The Universe has it all figured out. We’re just trying to catch up.

And that catching up is what we call our existence. And you know what? Everything is awesome.

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The Big Bang Theory is headed into its 9th season on CBS.

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