Ben Carson Says a Muslim Should NOT be President. Then THIS Happens and Liberal Heads Explode

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Ben Carson got led into a minefield by a reporter asking him if Islam is consistent with the Constitution. Here’s the clip.

Lots of people thought this would cost Carson in polling. Boy were they surprised.

The intensifying political fallout is a distraction at least as the retired neurosurgeon tries to capitalize on recent momentum in the unruly GOP field. But it also highlights a sentiment among voters in both parties who agree with Carson’s reluctance to elect a Muslim to the nation’s highest office.

Carson’s campaign reported strong fundraising and more than 100,000 new Facebook friends in the 24 hours after he told NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday: “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation.”

His campaign manager Barry Bennett told The Associated Press on Monday: “While the left wing is huffing and puffing over it, Republican primary voters are with us at least 80-20.”

People in Iowa particularly, are like, ‘Yeah! We’re not going to vote for a Muslim either,” Bennett said. “I don’t mind the hubbub. It’s not hurting us, that’s for sure.”

Of course the Muslim terrorists who run CAIR were up in arms, calling for Carson to leave the race.

That’s not gonna happen.

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