Archaeologists Confirm Scripture of David And Goliath: Why is the Media Keeping This From Us?

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Israeli archaeologists have pieced together a jar discovered during a dig in the Valley of Elah, where the battle between David and Goliath took place as described in 1 Samuel.

This confirmation of a key part of Scripture runs contrary to the media’s agenda and ideology, so the story has been suppressed and not widely reported on. Why?

Once they painstakingly pieced together the fragments, they discovered that they had found a 3,000-year old jar bearing an inscription from the time of King David.


During the 2012 excavation that was led by Yosef Garfinkel from Hebrew University’s Institute of Archaeology and Saar Ganor of the Israel Antiquities Authority, the archaeologists saw individual letters of ancient Canaanite script inscribed on some of the potsherds.

However, they didn’t know what the actual message was on the jar.

Once reassembled, experts in the ancient language were able to decipher the message which was the name: Eshba’al Ben Bada’.

Even though the revelation of just a name might seem disappointing, archaeologists were able to extrapolate some interesting historical meaning from that inscription.

The excavation site in the Valley of Elah from above. (Photo courtesy: Israel Antiquities Authority/Skyview Company)

The Israeli researchers pointed out this was the first time an inscription of “Eshba’al” – which appears in the Bible – was found in an archaeological excavation in Israel.


The discovery emphasized once again the link between scripture and artifacts found in the Holy Land.

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