Another Dead Body in Bill Clinton’s Wake

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Could we have a chorus of McArthur Park please? If you’re too young to remember, a lawyer who was working in the Clinton administration and who had been a law partner with Hillary Clinton named Vince Foster turned up dead by suicide in McArthur Park. He killed himself at exactly the time when the Congress was investigating Hillary Clinton’s billing records from the Rose Law Firm and any link to criminal activity with the Whitewater investigation.


We now have a new body joining Vince in a continuing episode of people who were close to the Clintons ending up dead in strange circumstances.

Gareth Williams worked for MI6, the British equivalent of our CIA. His body turned up recently stuffed into a gym bag. He was dead .

The British spy whose body was found padlocked inside a bag in his Pimlico flat, had illegally hacked into secret data on former U.S. President Bill Clinton, it has been revealed.

Gareth Williams, 31, was discovered in a holdall in the bath at his London home five years ago this month, but the mystery surrounding his death has never been solved.

Today, it has been revealed the spy had dug out a guest list for an event Clinton was due to attend as a favor for a friend.

The hack breached Mr Williams’ security clearance and this sparked anger among MI6 bosses as tensions rose with U.S. Security Services over the spy’s transatlantic work, The Sun on Sunday has reported.

A source said: ‘The Clinton diary hack came at a time when Williams’ work with America was of the most sensitive nature.”

Questions abound.

  • Why was a Brit spy doing sensitive work with America?
  • Was he doing something our CIA couldn’t do?
  • What could he have been investigating that included a guest list with Bill Clinton’s name on it?

What isn’t in question is that he was murdered. There were rumblings that Vince Foster’s “suicide” was anything but, but Williams was definitely murdered.

Williams family believes he was murdered by the “secret services,” whether that is MI6 or others we don’t know.

Obviously, the family isn’t happy about the quality of the investigation done by MI6.

Theories will abound, just like in the Vince Foster case.

Mr Williams had been working with the American National Security Agency in Washington before returning to London, where he underwent training and was sent on active operations.

The exact nature of his work remains a closely guarded secret, but sources claim he dealt with equipment that tracked the flow of cash from Russia to Europe.

The technology enabled MI6 to follow money trails from bank accounts in Russia to criminal European gangs. One theory is that Mr. Williams had disrupted a mafia ring closely linked to the Russian state .

The Russian mafia. Is it possible that Bill and/or Hillary Clinton could be involved with the Russian mafia? Is the Pope usually a Catholic? (I’ve got reservations about the current Pope.)

Will we ever find out any details about Williams death or his discoveries involving Clinton?


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