911: Heil Hillary?

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I remember my buddy, Frankie. I remember how he started to get into trouble and why his mom sent him to LA so that his big cousin could straighten him out. I remember Frankie going home, finishing school, getting a job and getting married.

I remember watching the towers come down as Frankie died.

Those of us who remember where we were in those moments will never forget.

But history is not something that is recorded in stone for future generations. It can be massaged, spun, retold in pop culture and distributed to the masses.

History is written by the winners, and the Clintons have always been winners.

ABC’s 2006 mini series: The Path To 911, should be seen by all Americans on every network, every year on 911, so that our nation could learn from our mistakes, so that we will never forget and our children will understand the world they are inheriting.

The Clintons made sure that this would never happen.

Ward Churchill said that the victims in the towers were “…civilians of a sort….little Eichmanns” .
Red-blooded Americans were disgusted by his comments and he was fired for his Nazi metaphor. That didn’t stop the Clinton Machine from unleashing Gestapo tactics upon good people in Hollywood and depriving the nation of their right to freedom of speech.

Why? Because producer and award-winning writer Cyrus Nowrasteh and director David L. Cunningham dared expose to the world that the Clinton administration failed to pull the trigger when they had Osama Bin Laden dead in their sites.

Rather than own up to reality and chalk it off to lessons learned, all hell broke loose.

Senate Democrats threatened to revoke ABC’s broadcast license if the film wasn’t recut to paint a better Clinton picture. Not only did ABC re edit the mini series to accommodate the Clintons, they buried the $40 million dollar project.

Even though 25.4 million Americans viewed Path To 911 over two nights, it was never re run. It was never released to DVD or cable and you won’t find it on Netflix or Hulu. ABC is a
business and this project was a winner, but instead of harvesting profit they bowed to tyranny.

Either we live in a free society or we do not.

Nowrasteh meticulously researched the facts. Disney lawyers poured over every frame before release.

The former head of the CIA’s Bin Laden unit, Michael Scheuer has stated that in May of 1999 they had the opportunity to kill Bin Laden five nights in a row and the Clinton administration stood down each night.

The truth is, if the Clintons had killed Bin Laden we wouldn’t have had 911 and Frankie would still be alive.

This is not Nazi Germany and Hillary Clinton is not Joseph Goebbels. Yet, can we remain a truly free country if the woman who seeks to reside in the Whitehouse rides in on a wave of such censorship and oppression?

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