Wisconsin Man Does Home Invasion To Take Down Confederate Flag!

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Ahhh, the Confederate Flag. Apparently emotions over the Confederate battle flag are running hot in that long time bastion of slavery and racism, Wisconsin.

They do, after all, have a Republican governor.

Long story short, this guy …


Tajaun Boatner, 37, of Racine, got himself in an uproar because he saw a Confederate flag in a woman’s kitchen window. Inside the house.

In a later interview with the police, the resident said Boatner had politely asked her to take the flag out of her kitchen window, and she moved it to her bathroom window, the complaint said.

That’s when things started downhill.

They both began yelling and the resident had called Boatner a racial slur, the complaint said. The argument ended after Boatner reportedly walked up her front porch, pushed her down, and walked into the house to remove the Confederate flag, according to the complaint.

And the cops showed up.

In Wisconsin, there’s a good chance the cops were all white and since Boatner is, well, not white, the real question from #BlackLivesMatter should be why didn’t they shoot him.

The officer asked for more details, and Boatner became argumentative, according to the complaint.

Boatner reportedly struggled against officers to avoid being handcuffed. Boatner would not spread his feet so the police could pat him down for weapons, so two officers forced him to move his feet, the complaint said.

After police arrested him, Boatner tried to resist getting into the car, and he reportedly kicked at the officers as they tried to close the door of the vehicle.

Boatner was charged with tresspassing and battery and a couple of other minor charges. Apparently Boatner is well known to several police agencies. He’s also very lucky he was in Wisconsin and not my home state of Arizona.

Here, you break into a house, assault the homeowner, go on a rampage inside the house, there’s a better than even chance you’re getting carried out in a body bag. We don’t call the police, we call the medical examiner.

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