White House FINALLY Hires Transgender: No Michelle Jokes, Please

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Sigh. I wonder how President Obama’s new friends in Iran would feel about this. It seems the President has made an appointment in the White House to fill a position called “Outreach and Recruitment Director for Presidential Personnel”. Here’s Raffi …


That’s Raffi Greedman-Gurspan. She/he/or whatever… is the first transgender person to work in the House of Many Colors.


As a side note, to highlight the President’s priorities, three hours after the SCOTUS decision on homosexual marriage was announced the White House was no longer white. It took five days for them to lower the flag to half-staff to mourn the five servicemen murdered in Chattanooga by an Islamic terrorist. Or, it may have been for the terrorist.

Advocates hailed her appointment as an important step for the LGBT community and for ensuring that the federal government includes the voices and experiences of all Americans.

The rest of us understand that it’s an important step by this administration in destroying traditional values. And speaking of values…

White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett says Freedman-Gurspan’s commitment to improving the lives of transgender Americans reflects the values of the Obama administration.

If Raffi does well in this post, perhaps Obama could send him as ambassador to our newest friends in Iran.


After all, it’s all about “values.”

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