Where’s PETA When You Need Them? I guess they don’t like horses?

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Animal rescue workers in Woodbine, Maryland, made a shocking discovery during a recent visit to a stable: neglected horses with 3-foot-long hooves living in deplorable conditions.


According to HLN, authorities visited the stable after a good Samaritan called the local humane society about the condition of pet pigeons on the property. There, rescue workers found two horses in a stall filled with manure and transported them to Days End Farm Horse Rescue for rehabilitation. Sadly, a third horse was euthanized.

The two found horses are in critical condition, with the worst hoof neglect the veterinarian and farrier have ever seen. Where’s PETA?

The hooves on two of the horses were so long (over 3 feet) that the horses could barely move without being at risk of getting tangled in their own hooves. In order to transport them safely to DEFHR’s rehabilitative care facility, the vet and farrier worked together to sedate the horses and lay them down so they could remove portions of their hooves.

Authorities believe the horses lived in dismal conditions for more than 15 years.  Of the over 2,170 horses DEFHR has rescued in its 26-year history, in a press release they said, “these are the worst, most extreme cases of hoof neglect the organization has ever seen.” On scene at the impoundment, Erin Ochoa, DEFHR’s Executive Director, told the gray stallion, “Today your life changes.”

The nonprofit rescue group said an investigation is underway, and the horses’ owners could face animal-cruelty charges.

Can you even fathom this – horses in absolute filth for OVER 15 years!? Not 1, 2 or 5, or even 10, but 15 years!! The average age for a horse’s life is about 30 years. So about 1/2 of their life was spent living in putrid conditions. What kind of a sane person does this stuff?! A horse is a pet. A pet is a family member. Would you leave another family member in these kind of disgusted and deplorable conditions? Let alone for THIS long! Get REAL! In my opinion, you should take these subhuman individuals and lock them up! Or better yet, lock THEM in a cell for 1/2 THEIR life and see how THEY like it! 



Written by Nancy Hayes

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