What Israel Will Do if Iran Deal is Approved!

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In an interview conducted by Ronen Bergman and Holger Stark for German media giant Spiegel, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon expressed harsh criticism of Barack Obama’s Iran deal.

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon on Iran: “It’s an apocalyptic, messianic regime with the aim of creating a Shiite empire.”


Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon explains why he considers the nuclear deal with Iran to be an historical error. 

Moshe Yaalon, 65, has now served for more than two years as Israel’s defense minister. He previously served as deputy prime minister under Benjamin Netanyahu. Earlier, Yaalon had a career in the military, where he led an elite commando unit and later became the chief of staff of the Israel Defense Forces. Yaalon is a member of the right-wing of the Likud party. In his office, he has a picture of Israeli fighter jets flying over Auschwitz with the promise, “never again.”


Yaalon stated:

“We already have too many terrorists to deal with in our region — whether they are jihadists, nationalists or whatever. There is no justification whatsoever for a Jewish terror attack. Terrorists are terrorists.”

I totally agree. Terrrorist are terrorists. And guess what Obama? ISIS is our enemy. Say it with me – Radical Islamic Terrorism.

Moshe Yaalon felt the Western negotiators simply postponed Iran’s obtaining a nuclear weapon and feared that a price will ultimately be paid because of it.

That said, if Israel were to discover that Iran is violating their end of the agreement, Yaalon stated that unilateralmilitary action by Israel would certainly be considered as an option to deal with the problem.

Amen! If Iran violates the deal Obama/Kerry give Iran 24 days! So where is the real leader? Certainly NOT in America. Did anyone hear Obama or Kerry say anything about using military action? Me neither. 

It was alleged, Yaalon once claimed the US Secretary of State John Kerry was driven by a “misplaced obsession and messianic fervor” because he tried to broker a peace agreement between the Palestinians and Israel.

When asked if he would still describe John Kerry in that way today. Yaalon responded:


“Our relationship with the United States is a strategic and very deep one, but we do have disputes on certain things — the Iranian issue or proposals regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, for example. Even among friends, there are disputes, and we have the open channels to share these disputes. My good relationship with the United States goes well beyond my ties with Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter.”

Don’t worry Yaalon, the citizens of the America can agree with you in ONE are – there ARE disputes! and many of them!


In regards to the US effort to achieve reconciliation between Israel and the Palestinians being unrealistic, Yaalon stated:

“We didn’t close the doors regarding the political process. The door was closed by Mahmoud Abbas, in February 2014 in Paris, and in March 2014 during Abbas’ visit to the White House. We are ready to sit at the table to discuss all issues with the Palestinians, all issues. Negotiations must not just deal with the issue of the occupied territories, an issue in which Israel has just to give and the Palestinians just have to get.”

Totally! There are SO many deals behind closed doors with Obama, we can’t EVEN begin to count them all. We DO agree that we – the American people – should NOT deal with terrorists. Period.

Yaalon added:

“A simple question is whether they are ready to recognize our right to exist as a nation-state of the Jewish people in an agreement. Was there a political answer from the moderate Mahmoud Abbas? Never.”

Coming from the guests Obama hangs out with in the White House, that sounds about right! Just know – We The People – do NOT agree with our Commander-in-Chief either.

Yaalon continued:

“We have quite a dispute with the White House regarding the deal with Iran….”

No DUH! That’s an understatement.We do too!

“… we have a deal which is going to allow Iran to become a military nuclear threshold state. In a decade or so, they’ll be allowed to enrich uranium without any restrictions. In a couple of months, when the deal is implemented, Iran will have access to $100 billion (in frozen funds), and in addition to having money to rehabilitate the economy, they will also have money to “export the revolution.” The Iranians will provide financial support to organizations like Hezbollah, Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad as well as the Houthis in Yemen and the Shiites in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. They are going to intensify their activities and improve their terror infrastructure. And what about the missiles that can reach all of Israel and parts of Europe? They’re not part of the deal.”

WOW! Isn’t it amazing that Israel and Yaalon GET IT! Wouldn’t it be nice if America and the Obama administration got it too!?

“At the end, it is very clear. One way or another, the Iranian military nuclear ambitions should be stopped. We can in no way tolerate an Iran with nuclear weapons. We prefer for this to be done through a deal or sanctions, but in the end, Israel should be able to defend itself.”

AMEN! You GO Yaalon!You Da’ Man!

When asked if we would see further deaths of Iranian nuclear scientists through attacks or malware compromising Iranian computer networks, Moshe Yaalon responded:

“We should be ready to defend ourselves. I’m not responsible for the lives of Iranian scientists.”

This chilling threat should have Iranian nuclear scientists worried.

Israel is a sovereign nation that has every right to defend itself against threats to its existence, threats repeatedly made by the leaders of Iran who routinely call for wiping Israel off the map.

In the end, I agree with Yaalon when he stated:
“I don’t believe we are going to reach a final settlement anytime in the near future. I would say it is not going to happen in my lifetime.”

Of course, I also believe electing a Republican Conservative as the next President, would be a step in the right direction. 


Written by Nancy Hayes

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