What Has Our World Come To?

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This is a horrific story. Russian police discovered the dismembered remains of six children killed with an axe after the young kids did not show up for kindergarten. How awful! What sick mind murders small, helpless, adorable, little children, let alone, their own children?



The children, between the ages of one and seven were discovered when police officers broke into the family house through a window. Their pregnant mother, Zinaida, a lecturer in advanced mathematics at a local university, was also discovered in the flat which is located in Nizhny Novgorod, east of Moscow.

According to police, all had been hacked to pieces with an axe and bundled into plastic bags.

It seems the 51 year old father, named as Oleg Belov, had been ex-communicated from the Seventh Day Adventists religious group for allegedly committing adultery, according to major Russian news website LifeNews.

What kind of a father does this to his own wife, let alone his OWN children? How gruesome! How insane! Just because HE was selfish to begin with and committed adultery which caused him to be kicked out of the Seventh Day Adventists religious group. What a sick, sick moron!

The children were named as Alyona, seven, Fyodor, six, Sonya, five, Nikifor, three, Ilya, two, and Daria, one.

Evidently, the mother intended to deprive Belov of his paternal rights, barring him from raising the youngsters after she learned of Belov’s adultery.

Police yesterday launched a murder probe with reports emerging last night that the father may have been found in a mental hospital.

Neighbors claimed that the father had been seen at the flat, but left in an unknown direction. It is unclear when the sighting of the father took place.

Again, what kind of a sick man, first commits adultery, gets kicked out of a church or religious group and then decides to hack up his pregnant wife and six OWN children – all younger than seven? What is WRONG with this Country? What has happened to our society?

People get a grip. If you commit adultery DON’T take out YOUR selfish act on your OWN children! Belov – You are a selfish, rotten and disgusting animal! God is the only one who has a right to take a life! Not you, you dirt bag!

What a sick world we live in is right! Russia may have Belov, but we’ve got Planned Murderhood!


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