Wall? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Wall? Child Rapist Sneaks Back Into US

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It seems like the whole world – at least the “Establishment” part of the world – is up in arms about Donald Trump calling for a wall on the border with Mexico. They’re also having fits about his comments about Mexico sending us their murderers and rapists.


We’ve discussed the “murderer” part of that equation at length, and Trump is right. With respect to rapists, today we have the poster-boy for why we should have a wall on the border with Mexico. And also why Claymore mines after the wall are a reasonable idea.

U.S. Border Patrol agents arrested 22-year-old Joel Silva Duran, an illegal alien from Mexico, last week near the border city of Roma, court records obtained by Breitbart Texas revealed.

After the arrest, the agents learned that Silva Duran had been deported four months earlier, on April 3, 2015, through Brownsville, Texas. The deportation came just one day after he had been sentenced to 10 years of probation at a state court in Rio Grande City on the charge of sexual assault of a child.

My first question is “Ten freeking years of probation????” That’s all? Here we have a Mexican child molester who gets 10 years probation for something he should get 20 years hard time.

If that’s not enough to make your blood boil, this will do the job. If you have a weak heart stop here.

Silva was formally charged with one count of illegal reentry by U.S. Magistrate Peter Ormsby in McAllen. It remains unclear if his arrest will have an effect on his probation sentence and if state prosecutors will seek to have the probation sentence revoked in exchange for jail time.


One of the commenters to the original Brietbart post captured the moment for me.


I like that a lot. And just so we’re all clear about Trebuchet Airlines …

The explosive canister is optional, but in this case a good idea.

The nice thing about Trebuchet Airlines is that it can handle multiple passengers and can be stationed right outside the immigration court.

Just in case you’re wondering, The Curmudgeon is absolutely serious about this.

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