Trump Leading … IN FLORIDA!

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It took a while to get started on this post because I couldn’t stop laughing. If Donald Trump doesn’t win the nomination we still owe him a debt of gratitude for driving a stake through the heart of the Republican Establishment.


Jeb! has been their boy and his strength is Florida. His entrance into the race was said to be the death knell for Marco Rubio because of Jeb!’s popularity in the Sunshine State.

Well, it looks like the sunshine in the Sunshine State is causing the cockroaches (think Jeb!) to run for cover .

On the Republican side, it isn’t that Bush has slipped in the Quinnipiac Poll. He’s at 17 percent among Florida Republicans, compared to 20 percent in the June 18 Quinnipiac Poll. That dip is within the polls margin of error of plus or minus 5 percentage points, meaning it’s statistically unchanged.

The major development among Florida Republicans is that Trump, a part-time Palm Beach resident, has attracted lots of support since the last poll, clearly benefiting from massive news media attention to his style and ideas. He stands at 21 percent among Republicans – up sharply from his 3 percent on June 18 .

Oops. Jeb! 17, down three. Trump 21, up 18. The margin of error is 5 points so Trump is at the outside edge of the margin. Jeb!’s mouthpieces can blather all they want to, but the tide is definitely in Trump’s favor.



In other moves, Rubio is down seven from 18 in June to 11% and Ben Carson is up four from seven to 11%.

Trump leads in all demographics except for Republicans who admit they are closet Democrats.

Liberals aren’t doing well in Florida. Not only is Jeb! taking a well deserved beating, but Hillary is fading fast as well. 64% of Florida voters say she’s a crook and her fav/unfav is underwater 37/55. Those numbers will only get worse.

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