Trump: “I’m As Much Of A Liberal As Ronald Reagan Was”

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Donald Trump says he is no more liberal than late President Ronald Reagan, a registered Democrat for most of his life, who was “was a little bit less conservative than people think.”

“Ronald Reagan was a Democrat and he was sort of liberal,” Trump told Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Tuesday’s “Hannity” show. “He was a Democrat with a liberal bent and he became a great conservative. He had something very special.”

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“If you think of it, he was a little bit less conservative than people think, but he had a great heart and I have a great heart.”

Conservatives have been attacking Trump’s positions on some issues, such as abortion and healthcare, saying that he leans toward liberal viewpoints.

Further, he has come under fire for donating money to Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, but says he donated money to both parties because he was a businessman.

Well, Donald. We can agree to disagree. We can agree that we have stupid people representing us. We can agree Obamacare is a DISASTER. We can agree we have to stop the killers – the really bad dudes – from entering coming in (from Mexico). 

But we will agree to disagree on taxes. Reagan believed success should not be penalized by high taxes and reduced the top bracket from 50% to 28%.  Your view on taxes is to “create a one time 14.25% tax on the wealthy.” 

We will agree to disagree on education. Reagan was for abolishing the Department of Education. Your view is to “Cut the Department of Education – way, way down.”

Finally, two thoughts from Reagan. 

First, Reagan said “there is no such thing as left or right, only up or down.”

and secondly, there’s….

Reagan’s 11th Commandment – never speak ill of another Republican.

The “11th Commandment” is something I believe I have only seen one Republican Presidential candidate abide by – and that was Sen. Ted Cruz. 

Because sooner or later it will come down to one Conservative Republican Presidential candidate and when it does we all need to be united – as Conservatives to defeat “The Establishment”. 

In closing, Reagan once said, 

“I know in my heart man is good, that what is right will always and eventually triumph and that there is purpose and worth to each and every life.”


Just remember folks – we all have purpose. The Donald too! 

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