Tim Tebow Just Showed up Philly Sportswriters

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Before Tim Tebow even had the chance to show his stuff during a game this year, the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback known for his strong Christian principles was already being trashed by a CBS sportswriter named Andrew Porter.

As Western Journalism reported a few weeks ago, the critical “non-believer” began a writeup on Tebow this way:

“Fans and media members are skeptical of the most polarizing Philadelphia Eagle Tim Tebow….”

Turns out that Tebow’s play in the Eagles’ pre-season opener was impressive enough that his coach, Chip Kelly, praised his performance in a post-game news conference. And as for the “most polarizing” description of one of the most openly religious players in the NFL, what just happened on the practice field would seem to prove that the harshly skeptical sportswriter fumbled and fell on his face…big time.

CBS Sports reports that Tebow — noted for his prayerful thanks on the field — showed off his skills at more than managing the team’s offense. He reportedly demonstrated he is a uniter, not a divider, when an inter-team scuffle was on the brink of turning into a nasty fight during an Eagles joint practice with the Baltimore Ravens.

“The Eagles and Ravens almost got into a fisticuffs on Wednesday, but before things could escalate, Philadelphia’s fourth-string quarterback stepped in and showed off his peacemaking skills,” says the CBS Sports account of the brouhaha that Tebow quickly moved in to break up.

The “extracurricular” activity on the practice field elicited a few choice comments from Twitter users, including some pretty impressive sources:




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