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1st Amendment Doesn’t Apply to White, Male, Conservatives at TCU


Harry Vincent is a white, male, conservative student at TCU. That would be “Texas Christian University.” Earlier this year he got caught up in a twitter storm and was tossed out of TCU for what the administration considered “inappropriate” opinions.

Harry posted a series of tweets over several months, that allegedly insulted the Islamic State, the Baltimore rioters and Mexicans. The accusation came from a white girl who has known Harry since middle school and, according to Harry, has been bullying him and his friends since middle school. She doesn’t attend TCU.

Here’s Todd Starnes report on the incident.

There are a number of takeaways here.

The first is that TCU, as Todd correctly noted, is a private university and as such they are entitled to regulate speech within the confines of their campus. As counterintuitive as it might be, they are fully within their rights to expel Harry for his opinions. A public university, funded by tax dollars, would not have that right.

Next, universities are hostile ground for conservatives and for men, especially white men. You can do some quick research on Google and get an eye opening lesson on that if you’re not familiar with the culture of what passes for “higher education” in this country today.

Our final point is this. Don’t be fooled by the word “Christian” in the name of a university, or in their advertising. Any university that holds regional accreditation – the standard for academic accreditation in the US – will be a home for the radical left. TCU, and Harry’s experience are typical.

So-called “Christian” and “Catholic” universities welcome the homosexual movement with open arms. They are home to radical Islamist organizations – see the Muslim Students Association. They long ago shed requirements you would expect at a Christian school, like chapel attendance or taking foundational courses in Christianity as part of the curriculum in all majors.

In order to keep their accreditation they must be “inclusive” and cannot create what accreditors consider to be a “hostile environment” for students.

This doesn’t apply to absolutely 100% of schools that are founded on a Christian heritage but it is the norm for the overwhelming majority of so-called “Christian” universities.

If you’re considering attending a Christian school, take a long hard look at the culture on the campus. The curriculum, the student clubs, how the administration approaches traditional values. You’ll likely be shocked.


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