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Smoke and Mirrors: Truth About Unemployment and Obama’s Manipulation of the Numbers


Obama’s use of the unemployment rate as a weapon to inflict political damage on Republicans is nothing new. For most of Obama’s presidency, he’s been touting his economic policies and how successful they have allegedly been at reducing unemployment rates (when in fact all recession recoveries reduce unemployment rates), all the while intentionally misleading people about what the unemployment rate actually represents.



So, here we go again. 

In a story published by Justin Haskins in the Blaze:

In a subtle but obvious attack against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, President Barack Obama mocked “trickle down” economics and praised Democrat Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton’s tax hike on higher income earners and his plans to raise the minimum wage.

“According to the Republican theory, all that kind of stuff would have been bad for the economy,” Obama said during a July 2 speech. “But Minnesota’s unemployment rate is lower than Wisconsin’s. … Minnesota’s winning this border battle.”

REALLY? REALLY? Sheeple enter now.

Contrary to the popular impression, the unemployment rate is not the percentage of the population looking for work. The unemployment rate is simply the percentage of a state or nation’s economy that isn’t employed and doesn’t fall into one of a number of excluded categories.

I mean ….Come ON! How many categories has this Obama administration excluded from the real numbers. I can’t even keep track. 

If you gave up “looking for work” you are no longer “unemployed”. Who cares if you are still interested in getting a job. That doesn’t figure into the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ numbers.

Or how about this one…

If you were close to retirement, but couldn’t find a job, so you got frustrated and retired, you are no longer counted as”unemployed” either.

Oh – I almost forgot. 

If you decided to move out of your state – say like Illinois, because the taxes were so high, and try to find another job – YOU were NOT counted either.

In short, unemployment rates often change in large part because the labor force pool grows or shrinks, not because of actual economic growth. Even when economic growth does occur, it often looks more impressive than it actually is because of the way unemployment is calculated.

So yeah! Our dear President Obama praised Minnesota for it’s TAX HIKE on higher income earners! and then had the gall to say Minnesota’s unemployment rate is lower than Wisconsin’s! 

Despite all of Obama’s praise for Minnesota, there are good reasons to believe Walker’s Wisconsin has actually experienced better economic development over the past year. According to BLS, the number of unemployed in Minnesota has fallen by an unimpressive 4,600 since June 2014, even though the unemployment rate has fallen slightly. Over that period in Wisconsin, by contrast, the number of unemployed fell by more than 26,000.

Haskins adds: Whoever said “numbers don’t lie” didn’t spend much time working at BLS.

Further proof the unemployment rate is a poor indicator of economic success or failure is found by looking at the number of people enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also called food stamps.

From 2010 to 2014, the average number of people enrolled in SNAP in the United States increased by more than six million. And although the national unemployment rate decreased by 30 percent from January 2013 to December 2014, the average number of people in SNAP decreased by only 2.3 percent.

So, let me get this straight – our unemployment numbers are down, but we have MORE people on food stamps. Must be that ‘new’ math! 

If our economy is so ‘peachy’ why are there AT LEAST 6 million more people on food stamps?

Haskins goes on to add:

Unemployment rates are highly complex and appear to be designed to mislead the public into thinking the employment situation is much better than it actually is. This is a problem to which both parties have contributed, and the public should become aware of this and stop buying into the hype and praise that inevitably come every time unemployment rates are announced.

Can you say – Useless numbers from useless people?

According to recent reports for the U.S. from BLS:

Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 215,000 in July, and the unemployment
rate was unchanged at 5.3 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported

How many of you are REALLY going to buy into that? I agree with Justin Haskins who said:

These nearly useless statistics are almost always taken out of context and exploited for political gain, while jobless and underemployed Americans continue to struggle to find quality work that will put food on the table and keep the lights on.


Harry S. Truman identified three kinds of lies, “lies, damned lies, and statistics.

Let’s just agree on a few things shall we?

First, the size of government is BIGGER today than when Obama took office.

Second, the unemployment rate is HIGHER today than when Obama took office.

And finally, the number of people on food stamps is HIGHER today than when Obama took office. 

I’d give you the numbers, but they are so ‘fudged’ – who knows the exact numbers, except of course, the B-L-S and that is a bunch of B-U-L-L. 


Written by Nancy Hayes

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