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Ronda Rousey Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before: [PHOTOS]


If you don’t know who Ronda Rousey is – that’s fine – just don’t make the mistake of not scrolling all the way down to the last photo of her…

I’m not kidding around here – and neither does Ronda inside the Octagon ring as the #1-ranked female Mixed Martial Arts fighter in the known universe. Yes, that kind of fighting. Where you get wailed on until you can’t breathe or your arm gets torn off, then she hits you in the face with your own arm.

You’d think someone who is an MMA fighter might look a little rough or manish, but HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL – JUST SHUT UP AND START SCROLLING!


You’d think someone this attractive would spend most of her time defending her face?

Apparently not, much to the chagrin of you – admit it.

She is attractive, but she’ll also beat you down.

And again, rip off an appendage, choke the very life out of you, hypnotize you for five, maybe six seconds – then continue to humiliate you in front of your friends and family…

But man is she hot, or what?

… yeah, like you’re even reading this..

Rousey 2

Begging for mercy just pisses her off, btw – but you’ll not have much choice in the matter anyhow – so beg away, knave.

Oh yeah, here’s a video of Ronda kicking the crap out of somebody:

Enjoy all 24 seconds of it, then it’s back to scrolling and drooling.

While Ronda in spandex IS a fashion statement, sometimes she doll’s it up a little: Nice. Why am I even typing?


But fighting and modeling isn’t all Ronda does. She’s a multi-talented athlete.

She surfs too …

On a pink board!

Rousey 4

If you’re nice to Ronda, she’ll do this for you … Smile!


Rousey 7

She can fill out a swimusit nicely, but…

You’d probably never want to see this, however:

Rousey 8

Probably not going to be a good day for you.

Thanks, well, now you know Ronda a little better.


Bye for now!!

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