Psychopath uses hatchet on movie goers: Liberals blame guns. You Think I’m Kidding, Don’t You?

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Police in Tennessee responded to a incident at the Carmike 8 theater in Antioch, where a man alleged to have attacked theater-goers was reported dead at 2:00pm local time.

The dude had a hatchet which was used to injure at least one patron, and pepper spray which was reportedly used on three victims.

No one was shot or fired upon until the SWAT team got there. Repeat: One was injured by a hatchet, and others by pepper spray.


The suspect did, however, open fire on the wrong guys (the SWAT team) and was unceremoniously shot and killed.

So of course the problem here is clearly…. wait for it: Guns!

Yes, it was guns that weiled the hatchet and pepper spray. Guns that put the guy on whatever crazy meds he was probably on and guns that sprayed pepper in people’s eyes. Guns had nothing to do with perhaps saving folks watching The Road Warrior from having their heads chopped into by hatchet when a good guy with a gun showed up and put this sociopath out of his misery.

Liberals are blaming guns for the attack. I’m not kidding: Here’s some typical tweets making the rounds:

Hat tip – our guy Steven Crowder:

Thurman’s power @Thurman_Said

Well,well,well not even a month later. Antioch another theatre shooting? I’m over you white gun owners.


Saying it is necessary to take real action on the gun problem we face should not be a radical statement yet during legislative session it is


The need for gun control has GOT TO BE ADDRESSED. This is three theater shootings in two months now, probably more we don’t know about.


Well… I don’t know about that – but we do need some serious hatchet-control around here.

But that pepper spray sometimes can sure hit the spot:

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