Both Parties Hate Donald Trump, He Must Be Doing Something Right

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Democrats hate Donald Trump. Mostly because he’s a Republican and seems to be striking a chord with a large segment of the American people and he seems to be preaching an “Americans First” message.

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Republicans hate Donald Trump. At least the Establishment variety of Republicans hate him. Mostly because he’s talking about closing the borders and stopping illegal immigration and he seems to be opposed to any form of amnesty.

The Republican Establishment also hates Trump because he’s thrashing their little darling, Jeb! Bush in the polls.

Since dealing with illegal immigration is what got Trump the national spotlight let’s look at just exactly what he’s saying about it. He’s posted his plan to deal with immigration on his website and here are his three guiding principles.


Count me a fan of those.

Trump wants Mexico to pay for a Wall on the border and he’s got some creative ideas to get it done.


I like those ideas too.

He’s got a number of other ideas as well, including clamping down on H1B visas that punish American workers in high tech, and defunding sanctuary cities.

You should read the whole plan. I’d say this is a “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” that I could support.

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