Obama: Voter ID Not Necessary – Voter Fraud ‘Doesn’t Happen’

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Barack Obama says voter ID isn’t necessary because voter fraud doesn’t happen. The only reason people want to require voter ID is, well, here’s what Obama said:

So the only reason to pass this law, despite the reasonableness of how it sounds, is to make it harder for folks to vote.

It’s really hard to get a voter ID. Aside from the fact that you can’t buy alcohol or cigarettes without an ID, and you can’t get on an airplane or into a federal building without one, what’s the big deal?


Obama and the Democrats are very clear about voting. They want to make it easier to vote. They’d like to see internet voting. That way you can sit in the privacy of your home and cast your vote without going out in the snow. And heck, if your neighbor is sick or doesn’t have internet, you could vote for him/her too.

Oh, and internet voting is a perfectly good reason why the federal government needs to run ObamaCable into every home and give every voter an ObamaLaptop.

RealClearPolitics has a great story on the fraud that Obama insists doesn’t exist.

The most devastating account of voter fraud may be in the book “Injustice” by J. Christian Adams. He was a Justice Department attorney, who detailed with inside knowledge the voter frauds known to the Justice Department, and ignored by Attorney General Holder and Company.

One of these frauds involved sending out absentee ballots to people who had never asked for them. Then a political operator would show up — uninvited — the day the ballots arrived and “help” the voter to fill them out. Sometimes the intruders simply took the ballots, filled them out and forged the signatures of the voters.

These were illegal votes for Democrats, which may well be why Eric Holder sees no evil, hears no evil and speaks no evil.

In fact, before my home state of Arizona required voted ID, I voted for President in 2004. Our son, a Marine, was deployed outside the country but was registered here. I happened to notice his name on the voter roll just above mine as I handed my ID to the poll worker. He said, “No ID necessary.” I looked him in the eye and said, “So I can come back in an hour and vote for my son?” He said, “Sure.”

I didn’t. But it would have been easy to do.

Voter fraud happens. In 2012 Barack Obama got 100% of the votes in 9 precincts in Cleveland and 59 precincts in Philadelphia. Mitt Romney got zero.

Mr. President, you’re lying. You know it and we know it.

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