More Obama EPA Regulations Coming Will Shut Down More Coal Plants. Republicans: “meh, whatever”…

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In the name of ‘being tough on climate change’ – President Obama will unveil on Monday new environmental regulations ostensibly to “sharply cut planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions from the nation’s coal plants.”


So, to summarize: In the 70’s, 92% of scientists agreed on “global cooling” and that the coming ice-age was going to destroy the planet by now. In the 80’s; it was “Ozone Depletion” – remember that? The ozone layer was going to be destroyed if we didn’t take away my mom’s can of hairspray (good luck with that, by the way).

Then, in the 90’s, 92% of scientists agreed that “over-population” was going to leave us without enough food or water by the year 2015 and when that didn’t work out, along came Al Gore and “Global Warming” with the ice melting and the tides rising high enough to flood out Al Gore’s new seaside mansion near Santa Barbara, which I find both ironic and illustrative of Al’s real commitment to the cause.

Of course, this was outside of the $100’s of millions he made off global warming. But I digress, because when global warming didn’t work out, they changed it finally to “Climate Change” and here we are, about to destroy the coal industry, lots of American jobs and import the energy from China, where they have the old-school unscrubbed, dirty coal plants that actually cause more whatever we’re calling it.

The New York Times thinks it’s great! Read below:

The rules are the final, tougher versions of proposed regulations that the Environmental Protection Agency announced in 2012 and 2014. If they withstand the expected legal challenges, the regulations will set in motion sweeping policy changes that could shut down hundreds of coal-fired power plants, freeze construction of new coal plants and create a boom in the production of wind and solar power and other renewable energy sources.

As the president came to see the fight against climate change as central to his legacy, as important as the Affordable Care Act, he moved to strengthen the energy proposals, advisers said. The health law became the dominant political issue of the 2010 congressional elections and faced dozens of legislative assaults before surviving two Supreme Court challenges largely intact.

The most aggressive of the regulations requires the nation’s existing power plants to cut emissions 32 percent from 2005 levels by 2030, an increase from the 30 percent target proposed in the draft regulation.


Shocking how pretty a picture the Times presents – all that’s missing is unicorns and gold nuggets falling out of my arse.

All  this means is coal plants will shut down. Obama wants to destroy an entire industry, put millions out of work, and make all our electric rates skyrocket. Not like he didn’t warn us:

“Climate change is not a problem for another generation, not anymore,” Mr. Obama said in a video posted on Facebook at midnight Saturday. He called the new rules “the biggest, most important step we’ve ever taken to combat climate change.”

And when we need to change the name again from “Climate Change” to something new, I have a great suggestion which will make everyone happy:

How about we call it “the weather”? Huh? Right? HA HA! “The Weather”?

Oh, and what will Republicans do about it you ask?…. NOTHING!

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