Obama: Biggest Threat to Safety is Americans With Guns NOT Muslim Terrorism

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If you own a gun you’re a bigger threat to peace and safety than Muslim terrorists according to Barack Obama.

“Common sense” restrictions.

Every time you hear those words remember that the President and his gun grabbing cronies like Mike Bloomberg and the Brady bunch like to talk about their reverence for the 2nd Amendment but they’ve never proposed a “regulation” that would reduce “gun violence.”


They talk about expanding background checks and admit that more background checks wouldn’t have stopped a single killing in the US. The latest “gun free zone” shooter in Louisiana passed a background check even though he’d been in a mental hospital.



What they want is the “Australian solution” and occasionally the mask drops and they admit it.

Obama and his cronies want every gun in America rounded up and crushed.

They want ALL your guns – every single one.

Don’t forget it because they’re not going to stop until they’ve accomplished their goal.


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