It’s Not Nice to Kill Mother Nature: Revenge of Cecil …


You remember the big mess about a month ago when a dentist on s safari killed a lion with a bow and arrow. The lion turned out to be none other than Cecil who, apparently, was some kind of an icon in Zimbabwe.

It seems like one of Cecil’s buddies got even this month.

HARARE, Zimbabwe – A lion charged and killed a safari guide who was leading a group of tourists in the same national park in Zimbabwe that was the home of Cecil the lion who was killed by a bow hunter in July.

Police spokeswoman Charity Charamba said Tuesday that Quinn Swales was in Hwange National Park when he spotted six lions on Monday.

That’s when Swales maded a fatal mistake. He didn’t run.

“One of the lions had cubs and they became hostile. Mr. Swales at first manage to scare the lions away but then the male lion later made a U-turn and attacked him,” Charamba told The Associated Press. None of the tourists were harmed, she said.

The last part confuses me. I would think that the guide would be in good shape. And relative tough compared to fat tourists who likely sit on their duffs all day making enough money to go on a safari in Zimbabwe.


I guess lions just aren’t all that picky.


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