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Navajos Literally Chase John McCain Off Their Land [MUST-SEE VIDEO]


Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey Friday visited the Navajo Nation reservation’s capital Window Rock to celebrate the Native Americans whose indecipherable language helped keep messages secret from enemies during World War II.

The event though was met by a protest regarding the federal government’s response to a toxic spill into rivers considered a lifeline for reservation and halted use of water for residential and agricultural use.


KPNX-TV reported that protesters held signs that read ”McCain = Indian Killer” and “McCain’s Not Welcome Here” as they stood outside the museum. The news station recorded a woman shouting “No making deals behind closed doors … we need our water.”

McCain and Ducey were meeting with the Navajo Nation President and Vice President to discuss the creation of a Navajo Code Talkers Museum. However, because the recent contamination in the Animas and San Juan Rivers due to work by the EPA, the spill was the focus of the meeting.

Protesters gathered at a closed side door in the museum, held shut by officials, but they eventually broke through and were met by other law enforcement agent who temporarily held them back from SUVs. As the vehicles drove off, the protesters ran in pursuit (Content warning: strong language):

One man’s Facebook account that includes political and community news from the Navajo Nation, wrote that 60 or so protesters went after McCain and Navajo Nation leaders when they went to “attend a secret meeting.”

“There are a lot of things on the Navajo Nation that our groups large and small are going to tackle. We cannot trust our Government, so we will make things right, ourselves,” Dusty’s Navajo Political Sphere wrote.

Well after watching the video. There were a few choice words from the Navajo Nation other than those I will mention like: “Get off our land! and “You’re not welcome here!” Seems the Navajo’s might have been speaking in code – with the middle fingers extended up to McCain and Ducey.

Seems also like several Navajo’s may think the same of McCain as many of us Conservatives do. McCain is someone that works in our Government that can’t be trusted! Smart men those “code talkers”. They certainly deserve more than just a museum. But let’s start with a round of applause, shall we?



Written by Nancy Hayes

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