N.Y. Times: John Kasich Won Points for Accepting Gay Marriage Ruling

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Not sure if that’s the issue which is going to put a Republican over the top in the GOP primary, but Kasich seemed very, very sincere in his answer (not a defense) regarding the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage.

Also gave the Ohio Governor the chance to say he would love his daughter no matter what she did, because of his faith. Well, John: Duh. Do you truly believe the others up there or Hillary Clinton wouldn’t love their daughter no matter what? BUT…


It sounds good, and ain’t that the point when it comes to winning a popularity contest? I’m not criticizing Kasich – as I said, it was a good answer but MAN, did the N.Y. Times love him for it and Governer, sir, that’s not a good measure of winning the primary. Politically speaking, of course.

What’s my point? Candidates don’t really speak their mind – they’re ready for these questions and they may be good actors, that’s all it is: An act. The best B.S.’er is going to win and that’s the end of that.

A  New York Times “live” reporter called it like this:

How It Played | John Kasich Wins Points on Gay Marriage Answer

Times reporters watched and analyzed the prime-time G.O.P. debate and the preliminary contest and chatted about the debate…

Ashley Parker also had this to report: “When Gov. John Kasich of Ohio finished a passionate answer on gay marriage, saying he would love his daughters unconditionally if they were gay — a lesson imbued by his faith — Norma Adema, 68, nodded in approval.

“That was a good answer,” she said.

I have to confess to not know or caring who that is, but I hope the Times backing his answer doesn’t give John Kasich any hope. He was only at that debate because it was in Ohio. Anywhere else and he’s at the kid’s table with Rick Perry.

Let’s hope Carly is alongside the boys next debate. Startin’ to dig her more and more. Did you see the interview with Chris Matthews? HINT: She blew him off his bar stool.


He’s such a partisan hack.

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