Muslims at Oklahoma Mosque Find “Horrifying” Surprise Left by Angry Oklahomans

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You may find what Muslims discovered at their mosque in Oklahoma disturbing, but their is some pretty nasty history there.

Last September, a Muslim named Alton Alexander Nolen violently beheaded a fellow employee, Colleen Hufford, at a Moore, Oklahoma, food plant last September.

Residents of Edmond, Oklahoma, were angry about the construction of a local mosque. Apparently, some residents decided that they would do something very dramatic about it that has Muslims all over the world fuming.

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That would be raw bacon wrapped around the door handles of the building. Police are now trying to track down the perpetrators of the porcine incident.

Of course, the Oklahoma chapter of terrorist organization-affiliated CAIR is calling for an expensive and time-wasting state and federal investigation into the incident. Although the Islamic council jumps at every opportunity for the FBI to investigate, they are utterly silent as their mosques produce bombers, beheaders, and ISIS supporters by the dozen.

Oklahoma has proven that they are not open to allowing a fundamentally violent political and religious ideology to have free reign over their communities, perhaps in response to the Oklahoma beheader.

Alton Nolen beheaded 54-year-old Colleen Hufford and attempted to behead 43-year-old Traci Johnson, emulating the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, who beheaded hundreds during his lifetime.

Several months later, Muslim Jimmy Stepney attacked a Christian he was staying with in Oklahoma City after an argument over religion.

“He said he felt like more Muslims need to step up to the plate and do certain thing(s),” Jerome Bullock, the man Stepney was saying with, told reporters. “He was talking about beheading people.”


Stepney was asked to leave the house but refused, and the incident ended with Stepney attempting to stab Bullock.

Given the uptick in tension, it’s no surprise that Oklahoma is one of a number of states considering banning Shariah law, with no less than seven bills on the topic working their way through the state legislature at last report.

I ask you, “Is there anything bacon can’t do?”

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