MSM Makes Being a “Prepper” a Crime

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The major media is not your friend. They don’t want to inform you, they want to indoctrinate you. The Associated Press is the origin of most of the news you see or hear from the MSM and on Monday they decided that being a prepper was a crime. And a serious felony at that.

Here’s the AP headline and lede .


Let’s be clear, it would appear that the three guys involved are not saints. They may even be felons and perhaps should be behind bars. But not for being preppers.


The making a straw purchase of a firearm for a felon, manufacture of pipe bombs and grenades and manufacturing what are effectively IEDs is certainly worthy of investigation by both local police and the FBI. These guys talked a lot about Jade Helm 15, the ongoing special operations training maneuvers by the military in the Southwest and they apparently thought it was the start of imposition of martial law.

On the other hand, if “stockpiling guns and ammunition” is a crime we’ve got trouble right here in River City. And it’s not “pool.” Owning any of the items, or all of them, is not a crime any where in the U.S. YET.

Barack Obama and the gun grabbers would certainly like it to be, but you can purchase as many guns and as much ammunition as you’ve got money to pay for and you’ve not broken any laws. Same goes for most grades of body armor and handheld radios or face masks.

The local news outlets carried a much more accurate story, the Charlotte Observer headline read: “3 Gaston County men charged with manufacturing explosives to resist the government.”

The real story here is not three nutcases in Charlotte. The real story is the left working to take over the language.

If you own the language you own the culture. “Homosexuals” became “gay.” The act of crushing the skull of an unborn baby became an act of “choice.” Standing up for the rights of unborn Americans to live became “anti-choice” – even though the ONLY thing the left thinks you should have a choice about is whether to murder an unborn child.

The AP now steps up and starts the drumbeat about preppers and about legal firearm ownership. Keep your eyes open, this is just the start. And I’m pretty sure you’ll see phrases like “stockpiling guns and ammunition” in the indictments that come down.

We’re in a war folks and the government and the media are not the good guys.

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