The More the Media Hates on Trump – The Bigger the Lead

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To listen to the Republican Establishment you’d think Donald Trump completely blew any chance he might have had at the Presidency with the Fox News Debate and the Megyn Kelly bloody aftermath.

And thanks to the major media, the Republican Establishment is the only voice you’re hearing nationally about Trump.

The problem with that narrative is that apparently nobody out here in flyover country believes or trusts either the Republican Establishment or the major media.


Let’s see. Up at the top, The Donald. His disastrous performance in the debate and his toxic remarks about Mexico, Mexicans, and illegal immigration have cost him one point this month.

On the other hand, the little darling of the Republican Establishment, the guy who has supposedly raised $100 million for this contest, Jeb! Bush dropped six points. And he’s the guy who loves illegal Mexicans so much I’m expecting him to announce a deal with Mexico to either annex most of Northern Mexico or give Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California back to Mexico.

The other leaning Establishment candidates, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul lost ground and Chris Christie is gone.


Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and Carly Fiorina were the big winners. None of them are liked by the Establishment or the media either.

The next debate, at the Reagan Library will be a really big deal. First of all, only ten candidates will be there and, I’m happy to say, Carly will be one of those ten. She was the clear winner of the Fox Fiasco. Let’s see how she does in Prime Time.

The biggest thing that makes the Reagan Library debate important is that it will be moderated by Hugh Hewitt. He won’t be coming into the debate with an agenda other than to find out what the candidates think about ISSUES. There won’t be any “look Jeb! in the eye and say that…” with Hugh on the stage.

The Reagan Library debate is likely to be the only real “debate” most people have ever seen in a Presidential election.

Pass the popcorn please!

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