Mandated Government Smart Meters Spontaneously Explode

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In June 2014, jolted awake at one in the morning, Veronica Onyskiw of Ontario Canada awoke to the sound of a loud revving car engine. That’s how she described the noise that was growing outside her home. She looked outside and quickly noticed a burning light outside the house, lighting up her backyard. As the revving sound grew louder, the lights in the house dimmed. Then suddenly, the lights went out and an explosion went off.

The cause – Smart meters.


That’s right! Smart meters. MANDATED by our great government who told us we had to have them, because they would be SO great! Sounds like everything else they mandate, RIGHT?! Hello! McFly – is anybody home!?

Consumed by the smell of burning plastic and a fear that people were trying to burn down her house, she rushed to the landline phone only to realize it was dead. The smoke alarms weren’t working either. Reaching for her cell phone and rushing outside, she saw the fire, scaling and crawling across the back of her home. The bursts, the cracking, and the popping were coming from the recently installed government mandated Smart Meter. Firefighters on the scene confirmed that the faulty Smart Meter caused the fire, a problem that continues to be reported on throughout North America.

We aren’t surprised are we? After all, this great, new technology – was made from PLASTIC! And guess what? Not only do these meters fail, but they shut your power down! How cool is that!

In May 2015, in Dallas, Texas, the homeowner was not as fortunate when a Smart Meter fire broke out unexpectedly. Seventy-four-year-old James Humphrey, Jr. did not make it out alive when a faulty Smart Meter exploded and burned down his home without warning. Trapped in his bedroom, with heavy flames roaring around him, Humphrey Jr. was unable to escape and was found charred on the bedroom floor when firefighters located his body.

So this wonderful technology that was MANDATED can cause people to die! Wasn’t this device tested? If they were tested were these kind of results “buried” in reports? Maybe we should “follow the money” – probably some good friend of Obama’s is making some big time money from these so called “Smart Meters”. 

These stories are only the tip of the iceberg, representing multiple thousands of cases where Smart Meters have caused unexpected fires, burning down homes. PGE has reportedly replaced at least 70,000 faulty Smart Meters in Oregon. In Pennsylvania, PECO replaced at least 186,000 of the government mandated meters. What’s worse is that homeowners like Veronica Onyskiw who have experienced the Smart Meter fires first hand, are not getting a choice to have their old analog meters back.


Smart Meters are forced on homes without consent or options

Governments, touting potential electricity savings, have mandated Smart Meters and manufacturers and installers have followed along, putting in these public safety hazards without getting permission from homeowners. In a way, the unaccountable governments are claiming they can infringe on people’s property rights by not giving consent for attaching these faulty devices on individuals’ property.

This is insane! We don’t have a say whether or not we want these devices and therefore, we don’t have a say when it comes to a fire starting in our home or a possible explosion of our home. Yep! That’s the government alright! 

The largest perpetrators, BC Hydro, BCUC and PG&E, who are colluding with government to force Smart Meters on the population, will do everything they can to keep public in the dark about these dangerous new meters. Where is the public outcry? People don’t even have a choice to keep their analog meter and opt out of dangerous rip off Smart Meters. People are basically being forced to put their own lives and property at increased risk!

The data collection industry that fuels the Smart Meter mandate

A whistleblower, who wishes to remain anonymous, has worked in the field, servicing hundreds of thousands of Smart Meters over the past decade. The whistleblower explains that the faulty devices have at least four main sources of arcing. Arcing in a Smart Meter produces extreme heat, increasing the risk of fire. The push to mandate Smart Meters also lies in their ability to collect data from homes. This data is valuable. The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners reports that ‘smart’ meter data will be “a lot more” valuable than the electricity itself. An entirely new data collecting industry has emerged, exploiting people’s privacy for profit, all the while putting their home and life at risk. It doesn’t matter if the meter is made by Sensus, Itron, Landis + Gyr or some other manufacturer: It all comes down to a race to collect data, and the oblivious population is being used as pawns, exploited in this world of collusion and force that is exploiting and putting others at risk.

Oh yeah! Did I mention – Smart Meters – are NOT energy efficient, have actually been shown to increase electrical bills, open your home to “hacking” possibilities, and emit microwave radiation that can make you sick. Sounds to me like another blatant failure by our great government! So what else is new?! Makes you really wonder what the real agenda is doesn’t it?






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